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Printing at the Turner Free Library

The Turner Free Library offers black and white and color printing services. The cost per page is $0.15 for black and white and $0.50 for color printing. Read on for information about how to print your documents! 

Printing From Library Computers

1. See library staff to create a printing account if you don't already have one. Your account will be under your library card or guest pass number. 

2. Send your document to the printer, selecting the black and white or color printer as needed. You may also select single or double-sided printing, and the number of copies you would like printed.

3. Double-check the print preview on your computer; what you see on the screen is what will print. Library staff cannot offer refunds.

4. On the confirmation popup, check to ensure that the number of pages and the price is correct, then click "print."

5. Go to the print release station near the library's help desk and log in with your library card or guest pass number.

6. Deposit change or bills into the coin-op machine.

7. Select individual documents to print, or click the “print all documents” button.

8. Click “log out” once you are finished. If you have change, you can choose to have it returned to you or saved to your printing account.

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