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Turner Library in Randolph Burgeons with Color

What was once a bleak, boring gray wall in the center of Randolph, Mass., is now transformed into a colorful, beautiful mural by the hands of our very own May Center School students! Jen Vanora, art teacher at the school, struck the perfect balance between community engagement and visual expression in her project idea to beautify the wall behind the town's Turner Public Library. Bringing students to the wall in small groups over several months, Jen gave them all the opportunity to express themselves through painting while creating a beautiful attraction for all passersby!

"In my opinion, the social piece was the most meaningful," Jen shares. "This was presented to each class as a community service project, a gift that they could give to the larger community by making it a more colorful and beautiful place!”

The students used basic principles of art theory as guidance, alternating warm and cool colors to create a dynamic and engaging visual. They added texture by using unconventional tools, like toilet paper rolls and sponges. All artistic styles came to life as Jen’s students used different colors, tools, and textures to design the wall.

Art and creative expression is a beautiful way to interact and engage with the community. For our students at the May Center Schools, art serves as an important communication tool that can end up saying much more than words ever could. It allows our students to react and respond to their environment outside of the classroom, and ultimately express themselves using their own personal creative touch.

“Our students can do important and meaningful things for and as a part of the larger community,” adds Jen. “The Turner Free Library now has a colorful walkway wall and outdoor area!”

Thank you, Turner Free Library, for collaborating with May Center School Randolph on this project! You have helped in creating a memorable and impactful experience for our talented art students! And please visit our Flickr album to see all the fabulous photos and our students in action.


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